My name is Marieke (1976), married and mother of 3 lovely boys. In 2001 I graduated from the Technical University of Delft. Thereafter I was employed as an architect designing for several multinationals. As a family we got the opportunity to travel. For 10 years we lived on 4 different continents. 

For years I was suffering from chronic migraines. I consulted many medical and alternative specialists. 

In Australia I became involved in setting up a ‘community garden’. This is where my passion for healthy foods started. By expanding my knowledge within nutrition, I became even more motivated. Step by step I started to see and understand the bigger picture. This convinced me to embrace a healthy lifestyle, not only for myself, but for my family as well. Moreover, most of my migraine related complaints slowly disappeared.

I was very eager to set up food projects at (international) schools. I talked to people within different disciplines (doctors, farmers, pharmacists and nutrition scientists). With my agricultural genes and academic approach, I was able to connect a few pieces of the puzzle. These insights I shared in lectures titled ‘Food is Love for Life’, in Perth and Rio de Janeiro.

My ever-changing living environment gave me many more valuable insights. Conservative Texas forced me first to reset my frame of reference. Vast and calm Western Australia brought me closer to who I am and who I want to be. Finally, overwhelming Rio thaught me all about proud and femininity, but also confronted me with the complexity of us human beings. I started wondering, why aren’t we educated from the beginning to connect with all that nourishes us?

Back in the Netherlands, I graduated as an ‘integrative lifestyle and vitality coach’. A mouthful, but it just means I help people who don’t feel well, in an unique and inspiring way to feel better. By doing this, I hope to contribute to a happier and healthier world.


Lees hier het verhaal over Marieke de Zwaan, over welke reis zij letterlijk heeft afgelegd om uit te komen bij een gezonde leefstijl voor haar en haar gezin.

I really had no clue
I just did